Spring Breakin’ with Soccer and Volleyball

Spring Breakin’ with Soccer and Volleyball

By Lexi Sullivan, Sophomore Outside Hitter

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – Spring break is a time that every college athlete looks forward to for their escape from tough classes and workouts. This year the vacation spot was Palm Springs, California. A group of us volleyball girls decided to rent out a place in the area where we could lounge and feel the warmth of the sun for a few days.

The house was very “beachy,” with a seashell decor and random fish stick pictures. There were also full-length wall mirrors by the hallways creating the illusion of an open area that was walked into by every one of us.

Our group consisted of five volleyball players: Chelsea Cheeley, Anna Gott, Lexie Schroeder, Jen Wilson, and Lexi Sullivan, and six soccer girls: Noel Guevara, Katie Tribbey, Georgia Foltz, Lauren Zallis, Forrest Colavecchia, and Natasha Slaughter.

Every morning started at the pool, where we let our skin turn a golden bronze color (some more red) laying on the many pool chairs available. There was also a lazy river a few feet away from the pool surrounding a water slide that even we college kids found entertaining.

Our evenings consisted of food and games. We went out the first night and got Baja Fresh, but it was hard to enjoy with heavy eyes and the thought of sleep on our minds from the long drive and sun. The next few night we bought food and cooked meals like tacos and spaghetti. These meals gave us the energy we needed for golf course tag, Jacuzzi time, Disney Scene-It, many card games, and our favorite, Celebrity.

Celebrity requires three small pieces of paper to write the names of celebrities on. These people can be anyone from Justin Bieber to Tommy Pickles. There are two teams: in our case it was volleyball vs. soccer. You cannot tell anyone who you put on the papers. Each team takes a turn sending one person up to describe as many celebrities as they can in one minute. If you get stuck on someone you have never heard of you must stick with that person until the time runs out and if they do not guess it you just place the paper back in the bag so the next team can try.

Once all the celebrities are named there is a second round. All the names are put back and for the next round you can only describe the person in two words to make it harder to remember. When all the names are said again there is one more round where you must only act out the celebrity, no words.

It was very entertaining watching the soccer girls try to describe Destinee Hooker, outside hitter for Texas, and pro beach players Misty May and Keri Walsh. It was even more entertaining for them to watch us volleyball players try to explain the foreign names of the many pro soccer players they wrote.

It was truly a great getaway and fun spring break. Plans for next year are already being made. Who knows where we will end up next?

DID YOU KNOW…The Lumberjacks had 11 of the 15 intercollegiate teams record a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher led by women’s soccer at 3.42. Women’s basketball was close behind at 3.39, followed by women’s cross country (3.35), women’s golf (3.29), swimming and diving (3.25) volleyball (3.22) and men’s cross country (3.19).

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