Reflecting on a Championship Season...

"I'm used to big meets, but I haven't been on a team before at a big meet. The atmosphere and winning the championship was really awesome. I did really good in my individual events so I was hyped up. All of the breaststroke seniors were telling me that I did so well and you're going to take the lead after (we leave). I hope I'll make that come true next year."


"It felt wonderful to win it for our seniors who have been working so hard for so long and for our coaches who dedicate so much time. I was really happy with how my conference meet went because I was disappointed with my dual meet season. To finish strong was a great feeling. It was a great way to finish my first season and it leads into expectations for next season. We're looking forward to the challenge."



"Finishing my career with a WAC championship was really the best thing I could have ever hoped for. It made every year of finishing second worth it. This team was thrown every curve ball possible this year and we just continued to create a closer bond and get stronger from it. This team proved over and over again that we deserved to be WAC Champions and I have never been so proud in my life. Every single person contributed and we won this because we were a team. As Andy Johns would say 'honor your team with your effort' and every single one of us did that."


"I had a lot more fun this year compared to last year because I knew what to expect. I had my parents there and a couple of friends who go to school in San Antonio. I love being able to prove to them that I work hard at what I love to do. We came up short last year by seven points, so this year was the icing on the cake especially with the seniors that we had. Still when I think it about it, it's so exciting."


"Winning the WAC was amazing and it was an incredible feeling. We expected it, but when it actually happened it was so incredible. To make the finals and to score was amazing and I never thought I'd be able to do it. I was able to earn a bunch of points for the team as well as everyone else. I'm so proud of everyone and everyone put in so much effort. After seeing what happened to Gwen (Smithberg at Air Force), it was heartbreaking. But we pulled together and it was unbelievable."


"Last year at conference we lost by a very small margin and it was very disappointing. This year we rallied behind each other. All season we told ourselves that we were going to win conference and we got each other pumped for it. When we got there, we got off to a good start and we kept encouraging each other and it got better. The last day was our best day and from there it was all excitement. I'm so excited for next year. We're losing some great seniors and we have a shot of winning the WAC for a second time in a row."