Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Three

Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Three

By Noel Guevara, Women's Soccer

MEXICO CITY, Mexico - Training for today is already done! Wow, today was a hard day compared to the others.

We started off with hurdles, ladders and sprints around these tall poles in the ground. After a few circuits, we did about ten 15 yard sprints. Then we did defensive shuffles for about an hour. When we thought we were all done and had a pretty good training, our trainer said we were going to run up the mountain behind the training center. We ran up and down about 3 times. It was extremely difficult and a few people almost got hurt coming down.

As a reward, we got the rest of the day off with no second training! It was quite the surprise to us all. Most of the girls are going to a mall for the rest of the day but a few of us are staying and having relatives just bring us food since we want something different than the place we eat at three times a day. It reminds me of the hot spot at the union actually.

Yesterday Monica Vergara, a player on the full national team, came to training in order to do her own fitness with the trainer. It was so good to see her since I know her personally. What I think is the best part of training at this facility is that its the same place that Olympic players train. And we are being coached by the coaches who train the big time Olympic players.

I'm in the same vicinity of these players who have had the capabilities of competing with the best players all over the world. This amazes me and I feel like it inspires me and makes me more driven in order to strive to be as good as those players.


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