Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Two

Guevara's Memoirs from Mexico: Soccer Blog Two

By Noel Guevara, Women's Soccer

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – A few days into the camp, and it has been a lot of persistent emphasis on work ethic, which has been well worth it. Already done with Monday basically and looking forward to the rest of the week as it should fly by now.

What I noticed today is the life style the people here have and their culture. The city is very busy and constantly moving. There are so many people. It is almost overwhelming. The drivers here are very aggressive and offensive and there is always honking being heard.

As we were all on the bus on our way to practice, we went through a small town that you can tell is one of the poorer of neighborhoods. But as I looked out the window, I could see happiness in the eyes of these people. The homes they live in are made of brick and you can tell they had made the houses with their own two hands. On the first floor are shops which obviously supply their income and most of these little shops consist of women making their famous recipes with handwritten poster boards hung outside the shop advertising their fresh cooked meals.

Although I feel sympathy for them, I realize they are happy with what they have. They appreciate everything and they have a simple life. It makes me appreciate everything I have and makes me realize how lucky I am.

P.S. - I am really tired, I will write more another time. Hope all is well in Flagstaff!


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