Last week while our players hit the road for spring break, our coaching staff was back out on the recruiting trails. We are all back on campus now for the start of spring workouts. Our spring workouts will entail strength training, conditioning, individual workouts, pick-up, mental training, and team building. Our focus is to get better daily . . . to be a better team next year than we were this year. Our spring workouts are designed to promote team success through individual development and improvement.

While our actual playing season lasts only six months, recruiting is a year-round venture. It’s often said that recruiting is the life-blood to any program. Our mission at this time of year is two-fold: Helping our returning players get better and landing additional outstanding student-athletes.


Check out the record of conference champions around the nation this year and one thing you’ll notice is they won almost all of their home games. Winning at home is an imperative step in winning a conference championship. Big Sky Conference Co-Champions, North Dakota and Southern Utah, were 15-1 and 12-1 on their home courts, respectively.

There are many reasons for a home court advantage. One of them is the energy boost a team derives from a supportive and enthusiastic fan base, better known as “The Sixth-Man Effect”. While our attendance is far from where we want it to be, NAU women’s basketball did make significant strides this year as we saw a 31% attendance increase over last year. Kudos and thank you to our supportive and enthusiastic fan base!


Priscilla Brooks is a 5’10 freshman forward from Riverside, California. Priscilla played basketball for and graduated from JW North High School in Riverside. Priscilla spent Spring Break at home with her mom, Rachel, and her younger sister, Cheyenne. Cheyenne is 11 years old. A month ago, Cheyenne was Priscilla’s little sister. Over the past month though, Cheyenne has grown taller than Priscilla . . . hence, now younger rather than little.

Priscilla’s Spring Break was packed with fun events. She saw three movies - About Last Night, Single Mom’s Club, and Divergent (she gives Divergent a double-thumbs up). She went to the Aquarium and fed the birds. She also coached Cheyenne’s youth basketball team, Swift Blue, to a 4-0 record.


Avonna Lee, a 5’11 freshman guard from Sacramento, California, describes her freshman year to date at NAU in three words: “Fun. Exciting. Memorable.”


Our goals for the 2013-2014 season:

Win the Big Sky Championship,

Maintain a team GPA of 3.0 or higher,

Perform 150 hours of community service.

Freshman Catelyn Preston (Oregon City, OR) keeps tabs on important dates and numbers for our program. Drumroll please . . .

Days until our 2014-15 Home Opener = 233 (November 14, 2014 vs UC Irvine)

Days until our first 2014-15 Big Sky game = 288 (January 1, 2015 vs Sac State)

Days until the 2014 Big Sky Championship = 354

Days until spring 2014 semester grades are posted = 54

Hours of community service performed to date = 182


Brittani Lusain is a 5’9 freshman guard from San Diego, California. She will spend the next minute delving into the life of a teammate while also sharing something about herself:

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