Week one of practice is in the books. Fall semester, while the weather is still good, 6:00 a.m. weekday practices are the norm. While I can't say our players like getting up early, they do admit to appreciating the opportunity to practice first thing so they have the rest of their day for classes, studying, and a little bit of a social life.

Our focus for the first week was individual defense, team offense, and conditioning. Our players are bright, hungry, and focused so the team has made steady progress. If you are an early riser, please feel free to stop by and join our sunrise fun.


NAU basketball's first-ever Morning Madness last Saturday featuring both the NAU women's and men's squads was a huge success. NAU students and fans were treated to a free breakfast and exciting competitions. The first contest of the morning was a 3-point shooting competition. Amanda Frost beat Avonna Lee in the women's final, while Max Jacobsen knocked off Ako Kaluna in the men's final. The two winners then competed for the overall three-point shooting championship. Amanda took home the crown while draining 12 points to Max's seven.

Next up was a skills challenge which paired a men's player with a women's player. Each team tried to make as many baskets as possible in 30 seconds with different point values assigned to different shots. Jordyn Martin and Bisera Peshkova converted for 16 points to defeat Len Springs and Raven Anderson for the first-ever NAU skills challenge championship.


In the life of a collegiate basketball player, there is a lot more to the daily routine then practice. Our players are not only working hard on the basketball court six days a week, they are also working on getting bigger, faster, and stronger in the weight room with NAU Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Cody Hodgeson, three days a week.

Coach Hodgeson is an Arizona native. He grew up in Hereford, Arizona outside Sierra Vista. Cody was a three-sport athlete (wrestling, football, and baseball) at Buena High School and wrestled collegiately for Pima College in Tucson. While a student at Pima, Cody interned with the strength and conditioning program at the University of Arizona. He then transferred to NAU where he received his bachelor's degree in exercise science with minors in biology and chemistry in 2006. Cody received his master's degree in exercise science from Central Connecticut State University, then worked at the University of Northern Colorado, before returning to NAU as a strength coach in 2009. Cody was named NAU's Head Strength and Conditioning Coach in 2010.

Coach Hodgeson has been putting our players through a "lifting and cardio adventure" for the past six weeks. According to his reports, "The attitude and effort has been awesome. They accept each new challenge as an opportunity to get better."


Our lone senior, Amanda Frost (Riverside, CA) shares her thoughts on Cody Hodgeson and NAU's strength and conditioning program: "Coach Hodgeson pushes all of us to be the best we can be. He has pushed me to accomplish things I never thought possible. He knows all of our strengths and weaknesses and motivates us to reach new levels."


Our goals for the 2013-2014 season:

Win the Big Sky Championship,

Maintain a team GPA of 3.0 or higher,

Perform 150 hours of community service.

Freshman Catelyn Preston (Oregon City, OR) keeps tabs on important dates and numbers for our program. Drumroll please . . .

Days until our home opener (Hawaii, November 10th) = 33

Days until semester grades are posted = 87

Days until the Big Sky Championship = 158

Hours of community service performed to date = 52


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