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Get to Know Men’s Basketball Player Jordyn Martin

Get to Know Men’s Basketball Player Jordyn Martin

Northern Arizona Head Coach Jack Murphy signed five new players to join his first squad this fall. Meet the Lumberjack newcomers taking the court this fall in a series of profiles. The Lumberjacks open the season with a exhibition game against Haskell on Saturday, Oct. 27. Today: Jordyn Martin.

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Jordyn Martin was born to play for the Lumberjacks. Martin's father, Torry, played football at Northern Arizona University (1983-86) and his mother, Tammy, also attended the school. Martin's aunt, Keturah Mattox, played basketball for the Lumberjacks from 1992-96. And to top it off his high school coach played at NAU and was a former assistant coach.

With the strong Lumberjack lineage, Martin was the first player to commit to Jack Murphy after he was named the Head Coach at NAU.

"It meant a lot to me that he trusted me in a way to get it going," said Martin. "It was exciting to be part of a new chapter in NAU basketball."

He helped his Palo Verde HS team to the Sunset Regional title game, averaging 11 points and nine rebounds as a senior. Following the season, he received the Fab 5 Most Valuable Player Award and was named to the second-team all-conference team. He also played volleyball, earning first-team all-conference honors.

Being close to his Las Vegas home was important to Martin, giving his family a chance to watch his games in person.

"They have always been a big part of everything I have done so having them at games will help me," said Murphy.

Martin and the Lumberjacks will play their second game of the season next month at UNLV and will return for two non-conference neutral-site games over the Thanksgiving weekend.

"It will be really exciting to go back and I know a lot of people are going to be there," said Martin.

Martin, who earned Scholar Athlete and Principal's Awards and was a member of the Student Council during his prep career, is undecided on his major.

"He is a skilled kid," said Head Coach Jack Murphy. "He has a lot of room to grow and he is going to get a lot stronger. He is someone we are looking for a lot from in the future."


Born: December 22, 1993

What's on TV: Anything that keeps my attention

What I Drive: Ford Explorer

Favorite Flicks: Glory Road

On Your Walls: Certificates and plaques

Worst habit: Biting my nails when nervous

Love to trade places for a day with: Michael Jordan

First Job: Lifeguard

Favorite City to Visit: Rocky Point, Mexico

Favorite Team as a Kid: Phoenix Suns

Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: Michael Phelps

Favorite Value in Yourself: Good moral compass

For Dinner: Chicken fingers

Talent I'd most like to have: To be able to sing

Dream Date: Dinner on the beach with Jessica Alba

Physical attribute I like best about myself: My baby face

My greatest love: Basketball and Family

My hero: My parents

My Bucket List: Travel the world

My motto: All glory to God: It doesn't matter who gets the glory as long as we get the win.