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Meet Men’s Basketball’s Reid Wallace

Meet Men’s Basketball’s Reid Wallace

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. – Freshman Reid Wallace has seen action in 16 games this season in his initial collegiate season. He scored a season-high 11 points at Air Force, hitting 4-of-4 shots from the field in the road victory for the Lumberjacks.

Born: Born Reid Charles Wallace on Sept. 25, 1990 in Houston, Texas
High School: A 2009 graduate of Tomball High School.
What’s on TV: Scrubs, SportsCenter.
In my IPod: I have a lot of rap. Little Wayne, Drake.
What I drive: Whatever I can.
Favorite Flicks: Transformers 2, The Hangover and Pineapple Express.
What I’m Reading: School books.
On your walls at home: Nothing.
Superstitions: I really don’t have any. But I pray before every game and ask for my brother’s help. He passed away when I was 13.
Worst Habit: Biting my fingernails.
Love to trade places for a day with: LeBron James. To see how it would big and athletic like that.
First Job: I worked as a referee for a youth group.
Favorite City to Visit: Denver. We have a lot of family there and it reminds me of home.
Favorite team as a kid: Denver Broncos. I love watching the Broncos.
Favorite athlete to watch in another sport: John Elway.
Favorite value in yourself: Sense of humor.
Favorite value in yourself: My manners.
For dinner: I love sushi.
Talent I’d most like to have: to play the guitar.
Dream date: I don’t know.
Physical attribute I like best about myself: I love being tall.
Least: I can never get my hair to sit down.
Greatest Love: Basketball.
My hero: My oldest brother.
My motto: Always look for the silver lining.

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