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Get to Know Junior Defensive Lineman John Herrero

Defensive Lineman John Herrero
Defensive Lineman John Herrero

Defensive lineman John Herrero competed in all 11 games a year ago and made 10 starts. He totaled 34 tackles on the season to lead all linemen, including a career-high 11 tackles at Montana. The Kingman, Ariz. native returns for his junior season, bringing experience and explosiveness with him.  

Q: If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing that you would buy and why?

A: The first thing I would buy is a giant diesel truck and a bass boat that goes with it because fishing is my second passion behind football.

Q: If you had to be stranded on a deserted island for one month, which one of your teammates would you want to bring with you and why?

A: I would bring (Jason) Lower, just because he would be the most fun on the island and I don't think we would hate each other after a few days.

Q: What is your best talent outside of football?

A: I like fishing. I do it competitively. I definitely feel like it's my second talent.

Q: Has being a student athlete all you imagined it to be and what are some challenges you've faced in this process?

A: Honestly, I was kind of surprised when I first came on the team. I didn't know if the camaraderie was there with all my teammates four years into its more and better than I thought it would be. All of the friendships I've made. Even the ones who have left, I'm still friends with them now and we still stay in contact. All of the challenges they seem hard day by day, but when you strap on the pads on Saturday, they all go away.

Q: Do you ever wish that you could just be a regular college student?

A: No. Absolutely no. Uh-uh. Every day with our teammates and our family, this is worth it.

Game 9: NAU at Weber State
November 1, 2016 Game 9: NAU at Weber State
Game 8: NAU vs. Montana
October 18, 2016 Game 8: NAU vs. Montana