2015 Big Sky Kickoff Quotes – Senior Cornerback Marcus Alford

2015 Big Sky Kickoff Quotes – Senior Cornerback Marcus Alford

What does NAU have to do this season to improve and/or win conference?

We have to be consistent. The more consistent we are the better our chances of coming out on top.


Why should fans be excited about the upcoming season?

Fans should be excited because we have a lot talent coming back. I would say just as much as we've had in the past. There are a lot of seniors with a good amount of experience along with an offensive scheme that I think our fans will enjoy.


What is it like to be picked to represent NAU at the Big Sky Kickoff?

It's big. It shows that the coaching staff has faith in me to go out there with NAU across my chest and represent the program well. It is also very humbling. I would like to keep on being a positive role model for the younger guys as I begin my senior season.


NAU had four players named to the Big Sky Conference Preseason Team – all seniors – what does that mean as upperclassmen?

 It shows that we have great leadership. Most of our seniors have been key contributors throughout the years. We have to lead by example and live up to expectations. We can't get too worked up off of that though, we have to go out there each day and perform the right way every day.


How has it been to be able to bond with players from other Big Sky teams?

This is super cool. It's nice to hang out with guys in a similar situation as you. This opportunity helps you to form a bond with other players in the league. The friendly camaraderie makes it a little more entertaining when we play against each other.


When talking to media at the Big Sky Kickoff, what's the one thing you want them walking away knowing?

I want them to know that NAU is a top dog. We're not just a team that upsets opponents once in a while. We have one of the deepest teams in the Big Sky with a ton of talented athletes. I'm confident that we have what it takes to put everything together for a successful season.  

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