20 Questions with Tim Wilkinson

20 Questions with Tim Wilkinson

Senior defensive lineman Tim Wilkinson gives you his top answers to 20 Questions.

  1. What's your favorite pizza topping? Pepperoni
  2. What's your favorite ice cream? Cookies and Cream
  3. Lil Wayne or Jay-Z? Lil Wayne
  4. Android or iPhone? iPhone
  5. What's your favorite NFL team? Dallas Cowboys
  6. What's your favorite sport to watch other than football? Basketball
  7. If you could visit any country what would it be? Italy
  8. Batman or Superman? Superman
  9. The Roadrunner or the Coyote? Coyote

10.  Turkey or Ham? Turkey

11.  Who's your favorite comedian? Eddie Murphy

12.  Who's your favorite actor? Will Smith

13.  Who's your favorite actress? Scarlett Johansson

14.  Computer or television? Computer

15.  What's your favorite TV show? First Take

16.  What's your favorite sports movie? Varsity Blues

17.  What's your favorite movie? Halloween

18.  What age did you start playing football? Six

19.  How would your teammates describe you in one word? Beast

20.  How many bedrooms would your dream house have? Seven

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