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Q&A with Trey Gilleo – Casino del Sol College All-Star Game

Q&A with Trey Gilleo – Casino del Sol College All-Star Game

FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. - Northern Arizona senior offensive lineman Trey Gilleo, a product of Kingman, Ariz., played in the Casino del Sol College All-Star Game on Jan. 11 in Tucson with more than 100 collegiate players in front of 100 professional scouts. Trey talked to Media Relations Director Steve Shaff about his experience.

What was the week of practice like for the Casino del Sol All-Star Game?

“It was real fun. We reported on Sunday and checked in. I was assigned to the West team with Coach Dick Tomey, offensive line coach (and former Weber State head coach) Ron McBride and Coach Andre Reed. It was fun with all those coaches and players who have been playing the game a long time. I tried to soak up as much knowledge as I could.”

What was your favorite moment from the practices?

“My favorite moment was a one-on-one drill. We had scouts surrounding us. It was the highlight of practice and it was good going against greater competition. It was good seeing the bigger school helmets and being able to show what I got against them.”

Did you get to know the other Big Sky Conference athletes at the event?

“We actually hung out a lot and had the Big Sky click going. I did dinner with Zach Minter from Montana State. Obviously, I was good friends with Deonte Williams from when he was here his freshman year. I got to meet Nicholas Edwards from Eastern Washington. It was fun to see (former NAU player and assistant) Francis St. Paul, who was a scout at the event. I also met the kicker from Portland State. It was good seeing everybody else and how they saw the Big Sky from another perspective. We have been studying Zach Minter trying to block him. But to actually sit down and be friends with him is a different look. It was real fun and enjoyable.”

Who was the toughest opponent you went against in practice?

“There were a lot of good players. Obviously, they are all good and there for a reason. I could not pin point one player. There was definitely some good talent there. I know there were big name schools from  SEC schools on the other team. There was a lot of good competition.”

What did it mean to you to start the Casino del Sol All-Star Game?

“It was amazing. The whole week of practice I was trying to get as many reps as I could and do whatever I could to make myself shine and standout. To hear my name starting at left tackle was phenomenal. It was quite the accomplishment. I ended up starting and nobody tapped me out to get rest so I ended up playing the whole game.”

What was the Casino del Sol All-Star Game experience like?

“I was out there having a blast. You are out there with all your new friends you have made with great talent and speed. The plays were real basic so there was not a lot of thinking, just playing. It was real fast. I would love to do it again.”

How would you evaluate your performance?

“I think I did good. It was good to get the notoriety against better opponents. I think I had real good practices. Obviously, I have things to work on and I can always get better. I think I played real well in the game. I represented NAU real well and represented the Big Sky.”

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