What They're Saying About Lisa Campos

What They Are Saying About Lisa Campos…

“We are really going to miss Lisa, although this is just a great opportunity for her at Northern Arizona.  She is exceptional.  She has experience in all aspects of athletic administration.  She has demonstrated that she can handle the multitude of responsibilities necessary to be an outstanding athletic director.  She has a wonderful relationship with student-athletes, coaches and faculty alike.  Northern Arizona has hit a home run with this hire.”

Bob Stull, Director of Athletics at UTEP 




"I'm thrilled for Lisa.  We're going to miss her.  She is awesome.  She's very calm, very composed and very experienced.  She is a veteran at such a young age.  I have coached in that league and my son [Eric Price] has coached at that university.  I have been to Flagstaff many times in my coaching career and she will fit in perfectly there.  Northern Arizona is a great place and Lisa will do a great job."

Mike Price, Head Football Coach at UTEP




"Lisa has had a tremendous impact on our program and department. She has led us with integrity and strength and set a standard for achieving success without compromising. I feel like much of our growth over the past few years can be attributed to the consistency of her vision. NAU will benefit greatly from her leadership."

Ken Murphy, Head Volleyball Coach at UTEP




“I’m really happy for Lisa. Northern Arizona has made a tremendous hire. She is a multitalented person who is respected by everyone she has ever worked with. The only thing that exceeds her talent is her work ethic and the common sense with which she approaches her job every day. I think she will be an absolute star in the athletic administration business.”

Tim Floyd, Head Men's Basketball Coach at UTEP




"I’m extremely excited and happy for Lisa. Northern Arizona is getting a tremendous administrator and, most importantly, a quality person. She has done a great job working with our program and has always been there when I needed someone to turn to for advice. I think one of her strengths is being able to keep things in perspective, especially at the critical points. She definitely thinks from the box from a student-athlete’s standpoint. She wants them to have a quality experience. She will do a great job and be very successful at Northern Arizona.”

Keitha Adams, Head Women's Basketball Coach at UTEP