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Mission Statement: The Northern Arizona University Strength and Conditioning Department exists to provide its student-athletes with the maturity, mental fortitude, and physical ability to be successful in competition and in life.  We instill pride, mentor and motivate our student-athletes. We inspire our student-athletes, our co-workers and our community. We are changing lives.

Philosophy: The Northern Arizona University Strength & Conditioning Department is dedicated to pursuing excellence in the overall achievement of the student-athlete. The student-athletes well-being is our top priority. We develop and educate our student-athletes on healthy lifestyles in all areas of life that go far beyond the weight room.  We understand that the student-athletes are under an intense amount of pressure and expectation.  We are here to provide the student-athletes with more than just a foundation of physical ability; a confidence and understanding of life that carries over into more than just competition day.

The Northern Arizona University Strength & Conditioning Department is also dedicated to the longevity of the student-athletes career.  Our year-round comprehensive programs are dedicated to the preparation of the student-athletes ability to stay healthy, by involving active mobility, flexibility and preventative exercises specific to the needs of each individual in accordance with their respective sport.  We pride ourselves on safety, from the instruction of exercise technique to the cleanliness and order of the equipment. We are one of the safest weight rooms in Division I athletics.

Our staff of certified strength and conditioning coaches provides research based programing to every sport. We have a diverse range of student-athletes with a diverse range of needs.  We believe in a comprehensive and individualized strength and conditioning program designed to ensure the highest level of athletic performance.  Our goal is to provide each and every student-athlete with the plan, tools and guidance necessary to maximize their athletic potential.

The Northern Arizona University Strength & Conditioning Department provides:

  • Certified professional staff educated in the most up-to-date and effective strength and conditioning protocols
  • Recovery nutritional supplements for all student-athletes
  • Strengthening functional muscle weaknesses with specific preventative exercises
  • Close collaboration with the Northern Arizona University Sports Medicine Department
  • Functional, effective and practical amenities
  • A proactive approach to the safety of our weight room by creating practical facilities that reduce the risk of injury through recent updates to the equipment and facility.
  • Individually tailored plans that take into account factors such as: agility, flexibility, muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, speed, plyometrics, power, core strength and nutrition

About the Facility: Northern Arizona Strength and Conditioning weight room has 12 powerlift racks with 12 Olympic weight lifting platforms. There are also Eleiko and Texas bars at each rack to help athletes perform all of their multi joint compound movements at the highest level. We have brand new Iron Grip Dumbbells that range from 5 to 180lbs. There is also Hex Bars at each station, to allow athletes to deadlift in the safest manner. There are four glute ham machines and three reverse hypers. We have TRX’s for every rack as well as chains and bands for accommodating resistance training. We also have Plyo safe boxes so that are athletes can perform all levels of plyometrics.

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Cody Hodgeson Headshot

Cody Hodgeson

Head Strength and Conditioning Coach

Emma Ostermann

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Sam Lackey

Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach

Kayley Rasmussen

 Graduate Assistant 

Dallas Charles

Graduate Assistant 

Football, Swimming


Soccer, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball

Volleyball, Men's and Women's Cross Country/Distance, Men's and Women's Track & Field Throwers

Men's Tennis, Diving

Golf, Men's and Women's Track & Field Sprinters/Hurdlers


Internship opportunities with the NAU Strength and Conditioning staff are always open. Please contact Cody Hodgeson at for more information.