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Northern Arizona University 2007-08

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NAU’s Self-Study Report: Submitted May 1, 2008

NCAA Self-study Executive Summary: Submitted August 11, 2008

Committee on Athletic Certification (CAC) Analysis to NAU's self-study report: Submitted August 5, 2008

NAU’s Response to the CAC Analysis: Submitted October 8, 2008

Northern Arizona University's Peer-Review Team Report: Submitted November 10, 2008

NAU’s Response to the Peer-Review Team Report: Submitted December 19, 2008

Northern Arizona University is currently in the process of its 10-year re-certification self-study process with the NCAA which was last conducted in 1997. President John Haeger appointed Sarah Bickel, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Chair of the NCAA Steering Committee in April, 2007. A steering committee consisting of members from university and athletic department leadership and a community representative began directing the self-study efforts in early fall. The purpose of the self study is to insure that the affairs of athletics remain open to the institutional community and the public and to confirm that the athletic department is focused upon three NCAA operating principles: governance and commitment to rules compliance; academic integrity; and equity and student-athlete well-being.

The NCAA Steering Committee will be reporting findings and soliciting feedback for NAU’s self-study draft report from the campus community as well as the greater Flagstaff area throughout the month of April. Outreach efforts include meeting with various campus groups, providing a handout containing themes and plans for improvement noted from the self-study process, and posting the draft report on the university web site. Your comments and suggestions are important to drive further revisions to the final report that will be submitted May 1, 2008. The NCAA Peer Review Team is scheduled for a site visit to NAU October 22-24, 2008.

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