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Northern Arizona University Athletic Hall of Fame By-Laws/Procedures

To recognize former Northern Arizona University athletes, former coaches and staff and others associated with the University have distinguished themselves in the field of athletes, either by virtue of their performance on the athletic teams representing the University of by outstanding contributions on behalf of athletics.

The Board of Director shall determine policy and elect members to the Athletic Hall of Fame Membership on the Board shall be determined by already appointed Board members. The Board will be sensitive to gender balance of its membership. The members will serve on staggered rotation basis with three-year non-consecutive terms.

Hall of Fame Board of Directors Composition
Athletics Director; Associate Athletics Director (HOF); Associate Athletics Director; Media Relations Director; University Member; Community Member; Hall of Fame Member (M); Hall of Fame Member (F); Hall of Fame Member (M); Hall of Fame Member (F); Alumni Representative

Nominations will be accepted by the NAU Media Relations Office until April 1. The NAU Media Relations office will distribute nomination information to campus, alumni and other local and regional media outlets. To nominate a candidate, the nominee must fill out the official nomination form available via the media relations office. The Hall of Fame Board of Directors will meet no later than May 30 to present nominations and discuss issues. The Directors will meet for the second time no later than the second week of June to select the class. Absentee votes will be accepted for members unable to attend the meeting.

Athletes: Must have completed intercollegiate eligibility at least five years prior to selection, with at least two years of competition. Desirable qualifications include: NCAA champion, All-America recognition, Olympic participant, world or conference record setter, all-conference selection, scholar-athlete achievement, amateur athletic eligibility and/or comparable achievements/standards of previous hall of fame inductees. Nominees must also have served as a positive ambassador for the University.

Coaches: Must have coached at least five (5) years at Northern Arizona University with final season completed at least five years prior to selection. Coaches currently on staff are eligible for nomination after 10 years of continuous employment. Won-loss records, national championships, conference championships, contributions to the sport on a state, regional or national level, recognition by peers (ie. Coach of the Year, etc.) and achievement in public life are desirable qualifications.

NAU Support Staff: Desirable qualifications include contributions to the field of intercollegiate, interscholastic or professional sports, and achievement in public life. Recognition by peers (ie. Hall of Fame, etc.) and contributions to the profession on a state, regional or national level will be highly regarded.

Team: Must have completed intercollegiate season at least five years prior to selection. Desirable qualifications must include: Conference championship. Desirable qualifications include national ranking or recognition and individual honors and/or comparable achievements/standards of previous hall of fame inducted teams. Nominees associated with the team must also have served as positive ambassadors for the University. In the interest of pre-planning, the Board may utilize prior voting results and /or select national anniversary dates to select teams for induction.

Contributor: An award to recognize an extraordinary contribution or achievement by someone on behalf of Northern Arizona University. Desirable qualifications shall be given for recognition received, as well as contributions to the university. It will be recognized as the highest honor given by the athletics department outside induction to the Hall of Fame, which is limited to former student-athletes, coaches and staff. The Board of Directors will accept nominations for the Award on an annual basis but will not be required to select a candidate(s) each year. No more than two contributors will be recognized each year. Individuals must receive at least 75 percent support from the Board.

Individuals and teams must garner 75 percent of the vote. To be elected, a candidate must receive at least 75 percent support from the Board, with at least three, but no more than six candidates being elected annually with consideration given to decade representation and gender. The initial ballot will allow for up to 10 total votes by the Board member. If no candidate gets 75 percent, then the top five vote-getters will be placed on a ballot with each member allowed to vote for up to four candidates. If more than six get 80 percent, then only the top six vote-getters will be inducted.

The Athletics Director or his/her designee will contact all individuals chosen for the Hall of Fame. They may delay their acceptance of the honor based on availability to attend the Fall banquet for a unlimited number of years. They will automatically be placed in the election class the following year. After the AD notifies, he/she will notify the Hall of Fame Directors of the results (accept/non-accept) as well. The Media Relations Director will announce the class upon proper notification.

NAU Athletics Hall of Fame By-Laws/Procedures (Printable Version)

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