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1981 NAU Athletics Hall of Fame Class

Francis C. Osborn (Athletic Administration, 1927-60)

Served Northern Arizona Normal School, Northern Arizona State Teachers College and Arizona State College at Flagstaff in a variety of capacities as team manager.  Although Osborn's primary duties were as an instructor in the Industrial Arts Department, as team manager he was involved in the scheduling of athletic contests, providing statistics and program information, responsible for eligibility and admission requirements, making travel arrangements, and generating local and statewide funds for the athletic department.  He served as the school's representative to the Border Conference from 1938 to 1942.  In 1952, for two years, he was the school's representative to the New Mexico Conference.  And, when Arizona State College joined the Frontier Conference he served as president in 1959. In modern-day athletic terminology, Osborn would carry the titles of athletic director, business manager, fund raising coordinator, academic advisor, recruiting coordinator and sports information coordinator.  For 37 years, Francis C. Osborn was and important contributor to the success of NAU and its athletic teams.


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