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The mission of NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs is to develop leaders for life. In an effort to assist student-athletes and athletics professionals, the NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs unit provides support in the areas of academics, athletics, personal development, career development and service through the distribution of accessible resources, strategic partnerships and customized programming.

Attributes of Student-Athlete Affairs






About the Program

In 2010, the NCAA CHAMPS/Life Skills Program and Student-Athlete Development units merged to become NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs. In addition to providing continued support for life skills and student-athlete development programs, the newly created student-athlete affairs unit offers a new name, more programming and additional resources open to all NCAA member institutions and conferences.


NCAA Career in Sports Forum

NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Regional Symposium

NCAA Student-Athlete Affairs Education and Training Symposium

NCAA Student-Athlete Leadership Forum

Student-Athlete Affairs Staff

Michael Kallsen - Associate Athletics Director for Student-Athlete Development

Stephanie Hamilton Colosi - Coordinator for Student-Athlete Development

Courtney Merkle - Graduate Student Assistant Academic Advisor and Mentor

Tatum Rochin - Graduate Student Assistant Academic Advisor and Mentor

Alessandro Stecca - Graduate Student Assistant Academic Advisor and Mentor