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Attendance Policy Criteria

As a participant of NAU athletics, all student-athletes are responsible for attending every class period except for those periods or days excused with institutional excuses from the NAU Athletics Department. Institutional excuses must be submitted to instructors five (5) days prior to the date of the first missed class.

Student-athletes who meet the following criteria are required to participate in the attendance policy:

- All first semester freshman student-athletes

- All freshman student-athletes who did not receive above a 2.75 GPA their first semester

- All transfer student-athletes who did not receive above a 3.0 transferable GPA is substantial coursework

- All student-athletes with below a 2.25 CUM GPA

Attendance checks are due to the specific academic advisor once a week. Academic services are going to collect all.


Per the IAC, the following are the consequences they have come up with:

1st offense: Email notification to student, coach, academic coordinator, and sport supervisor.

2nd offense: (same class): Missed practice, or any activity counted towards weekly countable hours. Example: Weight training, conditioning, or practice.

3rd offense (same class): Missed competition. If a student-athlete is out of season and there aren't any more competitions, or their season has concluded, punishment will carry over to first competition in next season.

4th and subsequent offenses will result in the student-athletes will meet with the Code of Conduct committee who will determine the penalty up to and including dismissal from the team.

*If eligibility is exhausted, student will have a financial hold put on account.

*Medical/Redshirt and injured athletes will be subject to other consequences, which may include putting a financial hold on their account.

3 class sessions per week: Consequence is in normal order of offense as stated above

2 class sessions per week: Consequence is immediately considered a 2nd offense

1 class session per week: Consequence is immediately considered a 3rd offense


Exceptions for missed class:

Team travel Funeral Wedding Illness Certain extenuating circumstances

Documentation would need to be provided